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US PRO Quantum Multi-lite Rechargeable Multi function LED light

Compact, multi functional, rechargeable light.
This neat light has a pull-out light bar that can be angled and rotated up to 180 degrees making it easy to get the position required, helped by the magnetic base and hanging hook. At the end of the light bar is a second light source which functions as a traditional torch. The ergonomic shape gives a comfortable and secure grip.
With two modes there is a good selection of lighting options to cycle through:
Mode 1 - Medium white, High white, Low white, High red, Flashing red, Off
Mode 2 - (Switches to the light source at the of the bar) Medium white, High white, Off
A versatile light that can be used in a workshop, by vehicle mechanics, stored in your vehicle for emergencies, kept in a coat pocket for walking safely at night or kept at home for any occasion.
Recharged Via USB Cable
Maximum Brightness: 550LM (6500K)
Battery: 2000MAh
Approx run time (low white): 35 Hours
Water Resistance: IPX4
Folded Size: 33 x 151 x 45mm
Expanded Size: 33 x 270 x 45mm
Weight: 175g
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