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US PRO Fuel Pump Pressure Tester For Schrader Test Port Systems Petrol & Diesel 5385

Brand New From Bergen - US Pro

Comprehensive kit of adaptors and fittings for modern Schrader test port fuel injection systems.

This set is for both petrol and diesel. Its comes with the bigger Schrader valve for diesel but not petrol.

To use it on petrol engine you will have to use either the t-piece after the fuel filter of find a cap in the fuel line that one of the adaptors will fit.

Components fitted with quick coupling system and safety valve to prevent inadvertent discharge of fuel under pressure.

High pressure, dual scale gauge reading 0-145psi.

Pressure release valve with drain hose for safe fuel recovery.

Suitable for Petrol and Diesel fuel types.

Shipped via Royal Mail, 30 Day Returns.

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