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US PRO 13pc Harmonic Balance / Gear Puller Flywheel Balancer Crankshaft 5150

Designed to allow for easy and simple removal of harmonic balancers, gear pulleys, steering wheels, and crankshaft pulleys
Allows for even pressure which prevents damage to parts, Yoke allows for either 2 or 3-hole application.
Harmonic balancer puller has a Yoke with four slots for use in nearly any configuration. Various sized bolts provide necessary versatility.

1 x Yoke (capacity 35 - 85mm dia)
1 x Thrust Bolt 125mm
1 x Centring Adaptor
2 x 5/16" x 4" Bolts
2 x 1/4" x 3" Bolts
3 x 1/4" x 2" Bolts
3 x 5/16" x 2" Bolts

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