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HEAVY DUTY Compression Tester Kit Petrol Engine Cylinder Tester Tool 07913

The BlueSpot 4 PCE Petrol Engine Compression Testing Set is manufactured with a cone adapter which is suitable for most petrol engine types. The set also includes 14mm and 18mm screw-in adapters for use with spark plugs. The dial has a dual scale (PSI and Bar), a large 65mm face for easy reading and will read up to 300 PSI (20 Bar). The push-fit couplings ensure easy and quick removal of fittings and a quick release pressure valve is situated below the dial for increased safety. Set supplied in a robust plastic carry case for ease of storage and transportation.
  • Cone adapter to fit most engines
  • 14mm & 18mm spark plug screw-in adapters
  • Dual scale (PSI/Bar)
  • Quick-release fittings
  • Supplied in robust carry case

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