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Espuma Tar Glue Bitumen Remover 5 Litre

Espuma TGB Tar & Glue Remover Solvent (0306-05)

When working on a vehicle or repairing damaged body work or paintwork you want the final finish to look professional and like new. To get the best looking paint finish possible you need to make sure that you remove as many dust, dirt, glue, grime and tar as possible to avoid any paint reactions or a pitted looking finish.

The Espuma Tar & Glue Remover contains a special blend of solvents which quickly removes residues of most types of adhesives & sealants used on vehicles. It is effective against tar, glue and bitumen to remove them without harming your paintwork or wheels. 

Fast acting solvents that remove stubborn Tar, Adhesive and Sealants deposits from body paintwork, glass and wheels quickly and efficiently to prepare the surface for the next stage of cleaning

Paintwork or wheel trim safe

Also removes Bitumen

Easy to use

5 Litre tin

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