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Blue Spot 40518 Nitrile Metric O-Ring Set - Black (225-Piece)

The BlueSpot 225 Piece Assorted Metric Nitrile O-Ring Set is specially designed to create a tight seal when used in plumbing, hydraulics, air and other industrial applications.

Resistant to changes in temperature, air, water, natural gas, silicones, solvents and petrol.

Includes handy carrying case for quick and convenient storage.

Contains 225 assorted metric nitrile o-rings

Package Contents:

3mm x 1mm (x10)

4mm x 1mm (x10)

4.8mm x 1.9mm (x20)

5.8mm x 1.9mm (x20)

6.8mm x 1.9mm (x20)

7.8mm x 1.9mm (x20)

5mm x 2mm (x10)

8mm x 2mm (x10)

8.8mm x 1.9mm (x15)

9,8mm x 2.4mm (x15)

10.8mm x 2.4mm (x15)

11.8mm x 2.4mm (x10)

13.8mm x 2.4mm (x10)

15.8mm x 2.4mm (x10)

20mm x 3mm (x10)

22mm x 3mm (x10)

20mm x 4mm (x5)

22mm x 4mm (x5).

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