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Blue Spot 40508 – 127pc Heat Shrink

BlueSpot Heat Shrink Tubing is specially designed to be used in electrical systems.

Used to repair cables that have become worn or split, to add strength to wiring and maintain a dry connection for electrical systems.

Tubes shrink to half their diameter when heated to provide a secure seal.

Can also be used as corrosion proofing for metallic rods and aerials.

Includes handy carrying case for quick and convenient storage.

Contains 127 assorted black heat shrink tubes.

Package Contents:

2.0mm x 40mm (x30)

2.5mm x 40mm (x25)

3.5mm x 40mm (x20)

5.0mm x 40mm (x20)

7.0mm x 80mm (x16)

10.0mm x 80mm (x8)

13.0mm x 85mm (x8)

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