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12PCE Buffing and Polishing Kit

The BlueSpot 12 PCE Buffing and Polishing Kit features a range of soft foam polishing pads for use on metals and other surfaces such as plastics and fiberglass.

The kit comes complete with 5 foam waffle pads of differing density which due to their surface are ideal for holding/spreading polish, the waffle surface creates less heat since air can flow more freely around the pad. Alongside the foam waffle pads are flat foam pads that are suitable for compounding, there are 4 in total, 2 orange and 2 black which are of a different density depending on your needs.

The set also includes a polyester polishing bonnet suitable for the final stage finishing. The adaptor and pads are all hook and loop for a safe and strong connection.

  • Ideal for small projects
  • For use with a powered drill
  • M14 Arbor
  • Maximum RPM 12,500
  • 115mm pads

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