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VIDENT iMax4305 for OPEL Features

1). VAUXHALL OPEL Diagnosis for Single Brand of most Models (OBDII-16DLC)

2). Read &Clear DTC          

3). Read Live Data

4). ECU Information

5). Freeze Frame   

6). Oil Service Reset

7). Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) system maintenance

8). Battery Replace Test (BRT)

9). Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration Control System

10). Electronic Throttle Control System (ETC)

11). Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Calibration

12) ABS bleeding

13). I/M Readiness Test

14). Data Playback and Print

15). Full Speed Upgrade via PC

16). TFT LCD,320*240

17). Lifetime free software update

18). Multilingual: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, polish, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian etc


Oil Service Reset

Service lamp reset

1.If the service lamp is on, you must provide service for the car. After service, you need to reset the driving mileage or driving time so that the service lamp turns off and the system enables the new service cycle.

2.After changing engine oil or electric appliances that monitor oil life, you need to use vident tools reset the service lamp.Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) system maintenance

Brake pad replacement:

1.If the brake pad wears the brake pad sense line, the brake pad sense line sends a signal sense line to the on-board computer to replace the brake pad. After replacing the brake pad, you must reset the brake pad. Otherwise, the car alarms.

2.Reset must be performed in the following cases:

  a) The brake pad and brake pad wear sensor are replaced.

  b) The brake pad indicator lamp is on.

  c) The brake pad sensor circuit is short, which is recovered.

  d) The servo motor is replaced.

Battery Replace Test (BRT)

Battery matching

1.Use the car diagnostic device to reset the car battery monitoting unit to clear original fault information about insufficient battery electric quantity, and match the battery again and monitor battery based on current battery information.

2.Battery matching must be performed in the following cases:

  a) Main battery is replaced. Battery matching must be performed to clear original electric quantity insufficiency information and prevent the related control module from detecting false information. If the related control module detects false information, it will invalidate some electric auxiliary functions, such as automatic start&stop function, sunroof without one-key trigger function, power window without automatic function.

  b) Battery monitoring sensor. Battery matching is performed to re-match the control module and motoring sensor to detect battery electric quantity use information more accurately, which can avoid the instrument panel displaying false information.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration Control System

DPF regeneration

1.DPF regeneration is used to regularly clear PM (particulate matter) from the trap in combustion oxidation mode (such as high temperature heating combustion, fuel additive or catalyst reduce PM fire point combustion) to stabilize trap performance.

2.DPF regeneration matching must be performed in the following cases:

  a) The bleeding backpressure sensor is replaced.

  b) The PM trap is removed or replaced.

  c) The fuel additive injector is removed or replaced.

  d) The catalytic oxygenizer is removed or replaced.

  e) The DPF regeneration MIL is on and maintenance is performed.

  f) The DPF regeneration control module is replaced.


Throttle Position Sensor(TPS)- Electronic throttle sensor reset

Throttle matching

1.Use the car decoder to initialize the throttle actuation element so that the ECU learning value is returned to the initial status to more accurately regulate throttle (or idle motor) operations to control intake air quantity.

2.Throttle matching must be performed in the following cases: 

  a) The ECU is replaced and the ECU does not yet store throttle working features.

  b) The ECU is disconnected and the ECU memory is lost.

  c) The throttle assembly is replaced.

  d) The intake passage is replaced or removed, which affects idle speed control by ECU and throttle body.

  e) The throttle is cleaned. Although the idle throttle potentiometer features are not changed, with the same throttle opening, the intake quantity has changed and idle speed control features have changed.

Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Calibration

Steering angle reset

1.To reset the steering angle, first find the relative zero point position for the car to drive in straight line. Taking this position as reference, the ECU can calculate the accurate angle for left and right steering.

2.After replacing the steering angle position sensor, replacing steering mechanical parts (such as steering gearbox, steering column, end tie rod, steering knuckle), peforming four-wheel alignment, or recoving car body, you must reset the steering angle.

ABS bleeding

1.When the ABS contains air, the ABS bleeding function must be performed to bleed the brake system to restore ABS brake sensitivity.

2.If the ABS computer, ABS pump, brake master cylinder, brake cylinder, brake line, or brake fluid is replaced, the ABS bleeding function must be performed to bleed the ABS.

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