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Vident iLink450 Full Service Car Diagnostics Tool

The iLink 450 is a function packed Diagnostics covering over 30 vehicle brands.
Comes with 3 years free software updates


Service/Oil Light Reset coverage for over 40 Asian and European vehicle makes:

• Resets Oil Service Light

• Resets Oil Inspection Light

• Sets Inspection Service Interval (1 & 2)

• Sets Inspection Mileage

• Provides on-screen service reset instructions for vehicles which do not support electronic service resets

Electronic Parking Brake(EPB) servicing coverage for over 30 Asian and European vehicle makes:

• Deactivates and re-activates brake control system

• Retracts calipers for brake pad replacement

• Advances calipers after servicing to the original position, without affecting current calibration

• Reads and clears trouble codes (fault codes)

• Turns off brake warning light

• Initializes the wear indicator if required when new pads installed

• Diagnoses EPB/SBC caliper functionality

• Resets the brake pad thickness after service on Audi A8

• Performs ECU controlled brake fluid change

Battery Configuration(BRT)

After changing battery on cars, particularly if equipped with Start & Stop function and/or regenerative breaking system, a smart battery replacement tool as iLink450 is required to associate the new battery with the vehicle ECU to complete the job and start the engine. iLink450 offers a cost-effective solution for independent garages to work on modern vehicle battery and helps them to get prepared for the future of the battery business. Supports all brands of battery.

ABS & Airbag Reset

Reads and clear codes and turns off ABS/Airbag warning indicator. Performs bi-directional control tests, such as ABS motor test, actuator test, ABS bleeding, airbag reset and so on.

Throttle Body Alignment (TBA/TPS)

After cleaning or replacing the Electronic Throttle Body, adaptation must be carried out (also the case if the negative terminal of the battery has been disconnected or when the Engine Control Unit has been replaced). The iLink450 will perform Electronic Throttle Body adaptations on supported vehicles.

SAS Reset Function

The Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) is used to measure the angle of the steering wheel and the speed at which it is being turned. The signal is mainly used by the ABS System as part of its stability control function but also by other systems such as ride level control and adaptive lighting. A problem with the SAS Signal will cause a fault with any of the systems that use the signal directly, or indirectly.

If the Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) needs to be changed, many vehicles require the new sensor to be calibrated. The ilink450 Tool will allow you to carry out steering angle re-calibration on supported models.

DPF Regeneration or Replacement

Carry out a forced Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration is required when the DPF filter blockage reaches levels where passive or active regeneration is unable to burn off the excess soot. The iLink450 is also capable of regenerating Diesel Particulate Filters and resets the DPF light after the filter has been replaced.

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